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Good news for the 5,983 people who believed in the CAN-BACK product enough to put their name on our Notification List. Because of the ongoing support and encouragement, this product has returned to production. Please read below to see why people have been asking for the CAN-BACK.
Can-Back Camper Shell
We are exceptionally pleased that not only is CAN-BACK manufactured in the United States, most of its materials are manufactured in the United States as well.
The CAN-BACK is the premium quality canvas camper shell for your pickup truck.

Its eye-catching looks and features are constructed from the highest quality materials available.
The CAN-BACK has built-in mounting locations for up to four cross bars on the 5ft to 6.5ft bed trucks, and six cross bars on 8ft bed trucks.

Each cross bar can support 75 lbs. The optional reinforcement kit will double this capacity, allowing 150 lbs per cross bar, for a total carrying capacity of 600 lbs with four cross bars on a short bed truck.
The CAN-BACK mounts to the outside of the truck's bed rail for a streamlined look.
The CAN-BACK hoop structure provides a clean, flat roof.
The cross bars are level to evenly support a load.
Open hoop structure allows easy access to cargo.
The CAN-BACK front hoop matches the angle of the back of the cab.
The CAN-BACK's standard windows are solid canvas.
Optional windows are:
-Strataglass Smoke Tinted, Vinyl Window (as shown on right)
-Mesh Window (as shown on left)
The CAN-BACK's side panels are divided into forward and rear panels. Each side panel, as well as the cab and tailgate panels, can be individually rolled up and secured to the top panel. Or they can be unzipped and completely removed.

The canvas/vinyl/mesh side panels can be mixed-and-matched.
The CAN-BACK's roof panel and side panels are firmly strapped to each of the hoops, assuring that the canvas remains tight and silent at any speed.

The top panel is supported by straps to handle snow loads.
The CAN-BACK uses materials with track records of looking great even after a decade of service.

  • Sunbrella Fabrics are renowned for their longevity and classic looks
    • Sunbrella Supreme: Waterproof top panel
    • Sunbrella Plus: Breathable side panels
  • Strataglass Smoke Tinted Vinyl Windows
    • Exceptional Clarity Vinyl
    • Polyurethane Coating provides UV, Scratch, Abrasion, and Road Chemical Resistance
  • Stainless Steel Frame Structure
  • Six or Eight, no-drill clamps secure the frame to the truck.
  • The frame easily converts to a drill configuration with hidden bolt heads for a clean installation.
  • Straps secure the canvas at seven locations for each hoop. The canvas remains tight and silent at any speed.
  • A removeable tailgate bar mounted just over the tailgate keeps the rear panel tight, yet allows quick access to the bed of the truck.
  • The cab panel wraps around the front side panel, and the tailgate panel tucks into pockets in the rear panels to provide a water tight fit.
The CAN-BACK was created in Azusa, CA in 1995, and quickly became known for its unique look and construction. After a decade of service, the tops became recognized for their quality as they still maintained their classic looks. Due to an economic downturn, CAN-BACK halted production in 2006. However, in 2013 the CAN-BACK manufacturer was brought back to life with the intent of building upon the quality and reputation of the original. Today, CAN-BACK is proud to return the highest quality canvas camper shell to the market.

We are exceptionally pleased that not only is CAN-BACK manufactured in the United States, most of its materials are manufactured in the United States as well.
CAN-BACK is currently accepting orders for the
  • 99-06 CHEVY Silverado & GMC Sierra
  • 14-17 CHEVY Silverado 1500 & GMC Sierra 1500
  • 15-17 CHEVY Silverado 2500/3500 & GMC Sierra 2500/3500
  • 09-17 DODGE Ram
  • 99-16 FORD F250/F350
  • 05-15 TOYOTA Tacoma
  • 16-17 TOYOTA Tacoma
  • 76-91 CHEVY K5 Blazer
Please call 866-670-0055 if you would like to place an order for a top for these vehicles. Or visit to Order Now!

Please place your name on the notification list below if you would like to be contacted when we begin production on your vehicle.

The order that we will bring the vehicles into production will be:
  • 15-17 FORD F150
  • 14-17 TOYOTA Tundra
  • 09-14 FORD F150
  • 07-13 TOYOTA Tundra
  • 09-14 FORD F150
  • 05-17 NISSAN Frontier
  • 15-17 CHEVY Colorado/GMC Canyon
  • 07-13 CHEVY Silverado/GMC Sierra
  • 69-72 CHEVY K5 Blazer
  • 84-89 TOYOTA 4-Runner
  • 95-04 TOYOTA Domestic-Pickup
  • 94-03 CHEVY S10/GMC Sonoma
  • 82-11 Ford Ranger

After these vehicles are in production, we will bring the other trucks made after 1999 into production, as well as some other SUVs and older trucks. The complete list of targeted vehicles are included in the signup list.
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Justin Kiggins
Can-back canvas camper shell. Not sure if they will ever go into production again, but they are the best canvas shell out there.
I've got a 2000 Nissan Frontier and am itching to put one on. I love the versatility and flexibility these provide.
Used to own one on my old truck and would love to see one on my "new" truck. Hope you go back into production soon.
Glad to see you are doing new ones
Patiently waiting.
Due for a new soft top on my Toyota 4Runner. A bear decided to crawl in mine and do some remodeling. I managed to semi fix it, but not the same. Just checking production status, and if they are still available for purchasing. Thank you for making a great product for a classic vehical.
I have been looking at all my options for a soft top, just waiting until I can get one of yours. I can't even find one that's used. My interest in purchasing a can-back is a sure thing.
Looking to replace or repurchase a can bak topper for my truck I' ve owed the original and need a new canvas / frame. Sooner than latter.
I'm very interested ~ please let me know when you will go into production. I would want one in tan, with added side windows, cargo cross bar and a roof basket.
Looking to purchase a Can-Back rather than a fiberglass for ease of removal if needed.
I currently have a Can-Back canvas top with clear side windows that has been on my 2000 Totota Tundra for the past ten years. It has held up great and would like to purchase another top, when the time comes to buy a new or used Toyota Tacoma.
Have owned 2 tops and LOVED both. Looking to get rid of my silly Land Rover Discovery and get a truck again. Will put a top on asap.
Still hoping you get up and running, know things have been tough. Good luck and please let me know when I can order. Can\'t find any other soft top I would want. D.C.
Tay I have been watching for this product for while and really hoping to get one
PLEASE make this soon! Thanks. I am a Ford Dealer and know there would be a demand for this.
I am looking for something very special. My 1990 K5 has 8,000 miles on her and truly a neat ride. Please contact me with info. I am looking for a top and rack system.
oh please oh please oh please :)
Lets get this show on the road....2010 tacoma 4x4 ext cab....Black I have cash
Just curious as to how much this unit will cost me including shipping to Australia, unless of course you have a dealer in Oz I can talk to.
I have heard nothing but great reviews on your tops and look forward to obtaining one. Thank you
Looking for a soft top for a 1971 Ford Bronco. Looked at them a few years back should of spent the extra money and bought yours.
Was going to just build one... but yours are just so nice.
Hope you will decide to make these for these years of blazer/jimmy.I have heard good things about your products.
I am forever inbedetd to you for this information.
it would spend most of the time with windows rolled up, wanting to keep Bruno(my furry buddy) out of the the sun.
Please let me know when i can purchase one for my truck. I would like the side window panels as well. I'm really hoping to get one for this summer.
I have an original canback top, I'm planning on purchasing new one
Have been wanting one for a couple years and was disappointed when the company went under, glad to hear its coming back. Keep us posted!
Cant wait for this to go into production. Need the top asap and do not want to go with a below standard alternative.
Hello, I'm currently in the process of opening a gun shop and saw your product in an old American Survival magazine. I'm very interested in your product for my personnel use.
i still have my 10yr old cap i purchased from your company. every month i have people chase me down to ask me were did you get that cap. i show they your web site and ph# attached to my cap. i had you put windows on both sides that helps when you are pulling out from a stop sign where the road has a curve in it to see better. also helps to see cars in the blind spot before you pull out to pass. i hope you all say in business.
I had one when I owned a 1984 4runner, but I had since sold that vehicle. I now own another 4runner and would like to purchase the soft top again
CAN-BACK is currently establishing a nation-wide retailer network. These efforts will intensify as we bring the current model-year vehicles online.

In the meantime, please visit our authorized online retailer:


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Phone: 877-763-8867